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Social skills are one of the 5 pillars of emotional intelligence. In this training, you will discover how to 


  • quickly recognize typical behaviors of people


  • adjust your behavior towards others


  • give feedback


  • improve your communication with senior management and employees


  • be emphatic with others


  • handle aggression of others in a controlled and unemotional way



You will deepen your knowledge about yourself and focus on techniques and tools allowing you to better interact with others as well as develop your strategies for better quality of life and success.




  • knowing how to give feedback and acknowledgments, 


  • knowing “no goes“ with each of the communication styles


  • developing a win-win solution


  • resolving a conflict


  • better dealing with disappointments




BONUS #1: your personal communication style assessment


BONUS #2: summary of the communication styles including identifying characteristics 


BONUS #3: step-by-step description of the technique that will be used during the master class



DURATION: 8 hours 







Anna's EQ Master Class in Zurich last weekend was far beyond my expectations! Having thought for ages about taking part in an EQ program, Anna was kind enough to offer a discovery call in which she easily swept away all my doubts and inner critics. It was one of the best decision I possibly could have made. 

Anna is a warm-hearted person and a dedicated NLP Master Trainer making us all feel very comfortable. Anna's own vita makes her very empathic about executive careers so that she knows and feels from her own experience which journeys her students are going to undertake. 

Anna is to the point though, and very clear in the message she is delivering. It made me more than once take a deep breath and think, "Wow, how could she know this, but now it starts to make total sense!" With a big smile and a lot of fun she was gently guiding us to the tools which can instantly be used and practiced by anyone and at any occasion. 

I gained a lot of clarity and awareness on numerous business and private situations, which was stunning and amazing in itself. Anna guided me into the world of EQ with ease, joy and tremendous encouragement. 

I can surely and truly recommend Anna's EQ training to anyone and I am delighted to be able to continue Anna's executive coaching. 


Henning-G. Wind

Partner / Tax Lawyer (Steuerberater) at Ebner Stolz





"Anna has an unusual ability to get to the heart of the matter and help to identify and remove your mindset blocks.


I highly recommend working with Anna."


Caroline D'Silva

Business Owner at Empowering Your Ideas





I have to admit, when I first heard about Anna´s work with Emotional Intelligence, I thought it wasn't my thing - I`m a professional woman making my own way in life, I´m smart, I´m motivated, I work hard, I thought, so why do I need something like this? Aren´t I destined for success anyway? Maybe you think so too. But I also realized something was missing... 

Anna`s method is effective and simple, but requires the skill of a professional and a natural like her: The truth is, no matter how smart and hardworking we are, most of us could use some extra help in the fields of fulfillment, leadership, conflict solving, decision making and living in a way that is fully true to yourself - that personal and interpersonal level that elevates simple managers to real leaders and masters of their own destiny... 

At the end of a class with Anna, you will have pinpointed how you can solve conflicts more efficiently, gain self-confidence and become a better leader, how you can use your inner values to guide your decisions and feel good about them, and more. Anna gives you the tools and the encouragement to do so. 

She converted this skeptic… and if I did it, you can too. 


Alisa Burkhard

Lawyer at Altenburger Ltd legal + tax





I participated in Anna's Business Masterclass "Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Success” in Zürich in order to gain a deeper insight into the daily pitfalls one encounters booth in professional and private life anytime we interact with other individuals.


I was surprised to learn that even though I successfully interact with dozens of people in my professional life on a daily basis I found many ways to improve. Anna teaches participants practical techniques that support you in your interaction with your co-workers and customers as well as your friends, and family, your decision-making process and on how to maintain a genuine positive attitude. 


She combines her persistence and charm in order to enable you to open up yourself to the process of self-discovery and supports you through the course. 


The course contains important theoretical background information and is focussed on an inter-personal interaction between participants among themselves and Anna as well as self-exploration making it suitable for getting valuable insights within the given amount of time. Anna´s enthusiasm for the topic and positive energy are both inspiring and motivating to utilize the techniques she teaches. 


She is a living proof that what she shares with her students is one of the major keys to success. I can highly recommend Anna's Masterclass for anyone who is eager to improve their emotional intelligence booth in private or professional life. 


Selim Sevinç

Medical Doctor, University Child Hospital Zurich






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