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Samih Sawiris

“I don’t know much about professional coaching but I know one thing: Intelligent people will always coach better. Gross Leadership confirms my theory.”


Samih Sawiris


Henning-G. Wind

Partner / Tax Lawer (Steuerberater)

at Ebner Stolz

Gross Leadership's EQ Master Class in Zurich last weekend was far beyond my expectations! Having thought for ages about taking part in an EQ program, Mrs Gross was kind enough to offer a discovery call in which she easily swept away all my doubts and inner critics. It was one of the best decision I possibly could have made. 

Mrs. Gross is a warm-hearted person and a dedicated NLP Master making us all feel very comfortable. Mrs Gross's own vita makes her very empathic about executive careers, so that she knows and feels from her own experience which journey her students are going to undertake. 

Mrs Gross is to the point though, and very clear in the message she is delivering. It made me more than once take a deep breath and think, "Wow, how could she know this, but now it starts to make total sense!" With a big smile and a lot of fun she was gently guiding us to the tools which can instantly be used and practiced by anyone and at any occasion. 

I gained a lot of clarity and awareness on numerous business and private situations, which was stunning and amazing in itself. Mrs Gross guided me into the world of EQ with ease, joy and tremendous encouragement. 

I can surely and truly recommend Anna's EQ training to anyone and I am delighted to be able to continue Mrs Gross's executive coaching


Aleona Bezuglova

Business Owner at Bantes & co. GmbH

Is everything going to go wrong? Why? Or shall I do it later… ? Why is it so frightening to start…?


Why not to stop bothering yourself and just to start quietly to do everything without asking any questions like these? And everything will be just fine!


Our success in any projects, in business or career depends much only on us ourselves, or on our internal state of mind. And this state of mind can be hidden in us for a long time. But you do not understand yourself what the reasons for all these negative things are, why you are afraid or despaired. Why are these thoughts like “but what, if I cannot do it again?” coming to you? And the result is always the same „Oh, no, I cannot…“


Just have a look back into your childhood, remember your trouble, misfortune, fears and insults. Have a fight against them! Tear down all the myths “Oh, I cannot”… And YOU will get such a drive, such power and such lightness in everything YOU are willing to start. Such power that YOU have never supposed YOU are having in YOURSELF!


My Coach, Writer and Lawyer Anna Korovatskaya has gone through this work together with me.


Starting our hour I could not imagine the outcome and which doors of my success were going to be opened for me. I am feeling having such incredible power now! I wish you a lot of success in everything you are going to start and highly encourage you to experience all the above.


Mrs Gross is definitely someone you can trust to accompany you in your journey towards discovering and expressing your true power. I highly recommend.


Ilya Malikov

Key Account Manager bei Just International AG

Visiting Gross Leadership's training for Emotional Intelligence opened me new interesting tools for managing better important conversations, improved my ability for making decision and enormous boosted my self-motivation.

The experience of group training with Mrs Gross is unique and cannot be experienced in any online classes. She is focused on results and creates a great fun atmosphere! 

Meeting new people with same focus on self-development is also a great thing. 

Mrs Gross is unique network multiplicator.


Selim Sevinç

Medical Doctor, University Child Hospital Zurich

I participated in Anna's Business Masterclass "Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Success” in Zürich in order to gain a deeper insight into the daily pitfalls one encounters booth in professional and private life anytime we interact with other individuals.


I was surprised to learn that even though I successfully interact with dozens of people in my professional life on a daily basis I found many ways to improve. Anna teaches participants practical techniques that support you in your interaction with your co-workers and customers as well as your friends, and family, your decision-making process and on how to maintain a genuine positive attitude. 


She combines her persistence and charm in order to enable you to open up yourself to the process of self-discovery and supports you through the course. 


The course contains important theoretical background information and is focussed on an inter-personal interaction between participants among themselves and Anna as well as self-exploration making it suitable for getting valuable insights withing the given amount of time. Anna´s enthusiasm for the topic and positive energy are both inspiring and motivating to utilize the techniques she teaches. 


She is a living proof that what she shares with her students is one of the major keys to success. I can highly recommend Anna's Masterclass for anyone who is eager to improve their emotional intelligence booth in private or professional life. 


Privat client

Partner of a law company after four out of ten coaching sessions

Dear Gross Leadership, thank you very much. The negotiation went very well, as we could make a very good deal. The lawyer of the counter party literally freaked out, as my calmness has highly influenced him. Every moment I was in control over the situation and myself. I have won the sympathy of three judges right from the beginning. All of this due to your coaching - I am surprised how far it has already brought me. With warm regards.


Randy Kirk

Owner of Randy Kirk Consulting

I was experiencing anxiety due to grave uncertainty in a dating relationship. There had been some tension, and I was waiting for contact that I feared was going to be a break up. 

Mrs Gross asked if she could help, and knowing that others in the household had spoken very positively about their experience with her, I agreed. She was able to quickly point out that my worry was not only unproductive, but might even be counterproductive. She further noted that I couldn’t possibly know the outcome, and therefore my anxiety was misplaced. Finally, she posited that even if the result were as I feared, there was nothing to be gained by either the fear in advance or becoming immobilized by the pain when it came. 

For most of that time I was skeptical. However, eventually I recalled some of my own deeply held beliefs about anxiety from the New Testament of the Bible: “Be anxious about nothing.” I was immediately freed from 90% of the tension, and went back to my regular duties with renewed vigor. 

Interestingly, the relationship did end, and even that did not bring me into despair. The preparation had helped me to a place of acceptance. My ex-girlfriends decision was not going to be a source for ruining my joy. 

While my time with Gross Leadership was brief, I would say it was very successful. I would recommend her for this type of treatment.


Ita Mirianashvili

I highly recommend Anna's coaching sessions. Her thought and communication process are in perfect synchrony and as a result, her expressions and words come across very subtly and effectively.


It will always be a pleasure to work with Anna. 


Olena Sosenko

Partner at Agroinsurance International

Out of my personal experience I really recommend Gross Leadership's coaching sessions. Anna brightly picks up the core individual issue of a person and provides an efficient solution.


It can be a turning point on your professional or personal way. 


Alisa Burkhard

Lawyer at Altenburger Ltd legal + tax

"Mrs Gross`s words are gold" - that's what I said to someone spontaneously when they asked me how Gross Leadership`s Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence was. 

I have to admit, when I first heard about Gross Leadership´s work with Emotional Intelligence, I thought it wasn't my thing - I`m a professional woman making my own way in life, I´m smart, I´m motivated, I work hard, I thought, so why do I need something like this? Aren´t I destined for success anyway? Maybe you think so too. But I also realized something was missing... 

Mrs. Gross`s method is effective and simple, but requires the skill of a professional and a natural like her: What her workshops do is give you clarity on what you need to figure out and the parts of your life that you need to work on to achieve real fulfillment and success - since it can be very hard to know exactly what that is. The truth is, no matter how smart and hardworking we are, most of us could use some extra help in the fields of fulfillment, leadership, conflict solving, decision making and living in a way that is fully true to yourself - that personal and interpersonal level that elevates simple managers to real leaders and masters of their own destiny. 

Through targeted exercises and contributing her invaluable "gold" to each person in the room, Mrs Gross creates an atmosphere of competence and trust that allows you to work through issues that are blocking you personally and professionally. At the end of a class with Anna, you will have pinpointed how you can solve conflicts more efficiently, gain self-confidence and become a better leader, how you can use your inner values to guide your decisions and feel good about them, and more. Mrs Gross gives you the tools and the encouragement to do so. 

She converted this skeptic… and if I did it, you can too. 


Julia Tolstova

Lawyer at Niederer Kraft & Frey AG

Anna is a very positive, energetic and motivated person. She is able to transfer these personal qualities into her work as a personal coach and make every session with her into time worth while. 


After just one session with Anna, I felt very inspired, realized my potential and became aware of what is holding me back from achieving what I want in life. She showed me some strategies and tactics which I was able to take away an apply outside of the session.


I highly recommend Anna to anyone who feels they need a little bit of support in their endeavors to success and happiness within.


Caroline D'Silva

Business Owner at Empowering Your Ideas

Mrs Gross has an unusual ability to get to the heart of the matter, and help to identify and remove your mindset blocks.


Whenever I have a session with Mrs Gross, she is able to rapidly get to what's holding me back, and to help me deal with it, which allows me to take action. And taking action is the key strategy to living in line with my goals and desires. Anna helps me make my vision become reality.


I highly recommend working with Gross Leadership.


Susen Gehle‎

Owner at Kreative Anomalie

I really can recommend a session with GRoss Leadership! You will see things differently after! I work since years with myself, but Gross Leadership brought to a point, that I didn´t reach yet - some part in me, that likes keeping things simple. Didn´t even know it existed. Great! Thank you so much lovely Gross Leadership!


Tatyana Bezuglova

Owner at Beauty Institut Müller

Dear Anna, thank you for your communication and support. I received a huge relief.


I recommend to all.


Marios Pampakas

Director / Founder at MCP Office Partner Services Ltd

It's rare that you come across standout talent like Anna! I had the pleasure to share a session on 'how to boost your personal brand' with her and I was particularly impressed by her views and values on various aspects. No matter what the professional background of the individual is, I'm sure Anna would touch the basic concept and leave you with positive thoughts and smile!


Any individual would benefit by sharing a coaching session with Anna.

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