Transition into the state of relaxation - how to find the ‘switch’?

June 10, 2020



Summary: Stress is something you can control. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your state of mind defines your results. You can choose to switch from stress to relaxation. There are many ways on how to do it. Eventually yoga, mediation or any other activity can lead to the wanted result. But do we have this time? Don’t we want to experience the state of relaxation immediately? Coaching can help to achieve the state of relief and relaxation in a matter of hours. 



Join our virtual tea and see the application of this knowledge in action tomorrow. The participation is free of charge. Share with friends and colleagues who might benefit from this experience.  



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Our modern lives are characterised by the exceeding levels of stress and the situation gets increasingly challenging every year. We are desperately looking for tools and techniques which help us to relax and decrease our stress levels. New relaxation cabinets, yoga classes and meditation courses open monthly, offering a wide range of solutions. If you ask around, you’ll see that the vast majority of your friends and colleagues practice one or another type of relaxation, aiming to handle their stress levels. Yet, the very same people are often happen to be the first ones to be overwhelmed by the very first stressful situation. They might then decide that their chosen relaxation strategy was not good enough for stress relief and would move in search for another one. However, it is highly likely that the next strategy won’t work either or would produce only a temporary effect because it is not the exact strategy or technique that teaches you how to relax. You need to comprehend the very state of relaxation in all its depths and learn to enter this state.



Test yourself


Do you have situation where no matter how hard you try you feel anxious, stressed or angry when this situation happens? This situation repeats itself. 


If yes, it might be an indication for choosing stress subconsciously. 


Once aware, you could discover how to reduce or eliminate this stress and prevent yourself from being caught by negative emotions again and again. How would it improve the quality of your life? 



Why do we stress and strain and how to change it?


Have you ever thought that most of the situations in our lives are neutral. Whether a given situation becomes stress or resource depends on us: we choose how to define it. More precisely, our choice is formed unconsciously. In other words, we decide at the level of unconsciousness how to approach a given situation. Our brain deploys certain filters, which define our reactions. These filters can be changed and altered as a result of a systematic approach. As a result, we can consciously choose our reaction to a given situation. 


Often, however, a regulator which helps us to switch between the state of stress and the state of relaxation does not function properly. Our clients often describe similar situations: they either feel they would like to put the breaks but cannot find the proper way to do it or, on the contrary, they feel they would like to speed up but cannot find a lever. Specific training helps to discover such a “switch” from one state to another and to “install” it. As a result, one acquires the skills of regulating oneself and one's reactions to the surrounding reality. 



Relaxation as a resource state


Relaxation is a resource state. Any positive feeling or emotion can become a resource state. Think about happiness, harmony, internal peace, pacification, etc. Such states help move forward and be creative. On the other hand, stress, uncertainty or rejection are destructive states, which pull us backwards. 


A resource state is an essential base. No single relaxation or meditation technique won’t be useful without this base. In my video I explain how to work out the state of happiness. The secret of the successful approach is in our ability to feel, create, maintain and model a resource state. We need to know how it feels to relax. Otherwise, we simply won’t be able to recognise this state. 


There are numerous tips and techniques on how to relax. You can check one of my articles if you want to find some. There are breathing, music, dance or meditation techniques. All of them can lead you towards a desirable state of relaxation, happiness, gratitude and acceptance. However, merely using the basic techniques is like taking paracetamol to stop a headache: it gives temporary relief but doesn’t remove the source of pain


The goal we should be striving for is to remove the source of the pain and to enter our resource state before we face any specific situation or task. In this way we are able to understand ourselves and our needs and to achieve desirable results in the best possible way. 


The good news is that we can learn how to enter such states. Obviously, we can try to do it independently, on our own. But it might take a lot of time. We can even spend years practicing yoga and meditation but if we don’t know beforehand what the state of relaxation means, we won’t be able to reach it. It could be much more fruitful and time-saving if we seek professional assistance. Together with a professional coach we can in the fastest possible way discover a shortcut to resource states, choose the one that helps us succeed and learn how to enter this state whenever it is necessary or desirable. Find your switch from stress to relaxation.   


At Gross Leadership we have successfully developed and have been offering professional training to our clients. Together, we analyse our resource states and find the most suitable ones. We share techniques and mechanisms which allow our clients to reach a state of relaxation regardless of the complexity and difficulty of the situations they face.  


And what about you? Have you already released the need to enter the state of relaxation? Have you learned some techniques which allow you to enter such a state instantly and to remain calm and positive in the most stressful situations?


Join our next virtual tea and see the application of this knowledge in action tomorrow. Prepare your questions and get answers to them. The participation is free of charge. Share with friends and colleagues who might benefit from this experience.  


Date and time: June 11th at 12 00 PM, Swiss time.


At Zoom,   


Meeting ID: 730 1224 9020

Password: 6PAqvd

“All the world’s a stage,


And all the men and women merely players…”


(W. Shakespeare, As You Like It)


We believe that each and every one of us is not only a leading actor but first and foremost a writer of our own destiny. Overwhelmed by life events, we may unintentionally forget that we are the sole playwrights of our own lives. We may even unwittingly drop or lose the thread of our unfolding life story. Then, we start questioning ourselves and let others do the writing for us. Doesn’t this happen to all of us occasionally? The best thing we can do is to resume the leadership as soon as we can: only we should write the play of our life!  


With the renewed confidence and new skills, we design new perspectives. Coaching and training are the best instruments we use to achieve this goal.








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