It hurts when your co-worker gets promoted and not you

December 4, 2019


We live in exciting but also somewhat uncertain times when it comes to business restructuring. Organisations and businesses offer job opportunities, which are thrilling and challenging at the same time. It is not enough to exhibit the qualities, which will lend a dream job. A person needs to remain competitive throughout the entire career to ensure promotion and avoid the threat of redundancy. Or putting it differently, the high levels of competition necessitate the ability to evolve and to demonstrate skills and qualities, which make you a person uniquely fitted to retain your job and, potentially, gain a promotion. The best way to assure your chances is by becoming a person of influence.   


How to become a person of influence?


Before making a decision about any future steps, it is good to assess where we stand right now. Would you qualify yourself as a person of influence?


Try to reflect and answer the following questions:


  • Can you easily adapt to a situation?

  • Can you maintain a life-work balance?

  • How do you deal in conflict situations? (for example, how easily can you get into the mood of a victim, blaming others for difficulties?) 


In order to improve your chances, it is necessary to remove the unconscious underlying beliefs that constrain your success and progress. Success is achieved through the realisation that you are in charge of many processes and can influence them either way.


The best way to success is to create a set of instruments, which help to improve any situation. Through the repeated use of such instruments in practice, they become your new habit, a part of your new personality.


How does it work?


Our habits, conscious or unconscious, lead us to undertake certain actions, which, in their turn, bring their results. The reasons for possessing or not possessing something we need to seek in our beliefs and convictions.

Take such an example: a colleague has got promotion ahead of you. What are your thoughts? “Someone else got promotion, but not me…”, “Another one is better than me because…” or “I am again an unlucky one…”


These and other thoughts affect our actions and lead to a predictable result.


If we want to achieve a qualitatively different result, such as promotion, we need to possess a certain tool set. First of all, we need to be self-conscious, meaning we need to think in terms of cause-effect relations. Secondly, we need to learn how to communicate with people of different communicative types


Methods of Gross Leadership


Here, in Gross Leadership, we have developed an approach, which allows to achieve desirable results in 10 hours. 


Our approach is based on the latest studies in neuropsychology. It utilises NLP methods, Enneagram personality typologies, and the needs elements developed by Tony Robbins. It has evolved from the 10-year successful practical experience of Anna, who has been working with department heads, business owners, board managers, and well-known politicians. The past and present clients of Anna include UBS, Nestle, Novartis, Credit Suisse, Mercedes, GSK, Sberbank among others. She is a certified John C. Maxwell coach, teacher, speaker and a licensed NLP trainer. She has given workshops and keynote speeches at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, ETH Zürich, Universität Stuttgart, Technopark, Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Zürich, Universität St. Gallen and Institute for entrepreneurs.


In our approach we uncover unconscious reasons and replace your deeply seated constraining beliefs with new strategies of successful steps, which lead to the desirable results.  


Our method differs from other methods as it offers visible results within clearly defined time framework. It is offered in the form of experiential learning: new skills are obtained experimentally and get transformed into new successful habits, leading to the sustainable results. 


The first two hours of training are used as a basis for assessments and strategy building.

The next eight hours are used for building and enhancing the required skills set in the defined areas.


A consciously experienced and consolidated result becomes an accelerator of personal growth. During the offered training, we propose to use strategies that lead to such a result.


If you want to know more, please, contact us at Gross Leadership and get a non-binded assessment of your blind spots.


You can also consult feedback and testimonies of our past and present clients.


We give you a chance to get your first appointment free of charge. It will give you a chance to test our method in practice and to decide whether it suits your needs. 


“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players…”

(W. Shakespeare, As You Like It)


We believe that each and every one of us is not only a leading actor but first and foremost a writer of our own destiny. Overwhelmed by life events, we may unintentionally forget that we are the sole playwrights of our own lives. We may even unwittingly drop or lose the thread of our unfolding life story. Then, we start questioning ourselves and let others do the writing for us. Doesn’t this happen to all of us occasionally? The best thing we can do is to resume the leadership as soon as we can: only we should write the play of our life!  


With the renewed confidence and new skills, we design new perspectives. Coaching and training are the best instruments we use to achieve this goal.






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