How to strike work-life balance?

March 1, 2019

Often we cannot help but notice the state of the permanent stress we find ourselves in. Evolutionary, human stress was a healthy response to constant threats our ancestors were exposed to. Nowadays, when the majority of previous dangers do not threaten humans anymore, we, nevertheless, continue to follow the ancient pattern of fear and stress unconsciously. Hunted by it, we run from one thing to another, entering the vicious circle of “needs to be done,” “ought to be done” and “should achieve.” This creates a hectic daily pattern and routine. From the early morning hours and up to the late in the evening we feel pressure of potentially unfinished tasks. Why not to choose a different pattern altogether, the one that will allow to experience a balanced and fulfilled day? It is possible to lead a happy and well-balanced life combined with properly placed priorities and professional career growth; to be fulfilled in business, career and family life alike. In this article I would like to focus on one of the elements, which, if properly approached, will help you to considerably improve the quality and balance of your everyday activities. It will also help you to feel free, confident and full of energy.


Constraining beliefs


Imagine this quite a common situation: a person has invested all their efforts and strength into building up their career or business. After a while, the success is achieved but the only thing that this person can see by looking back is the sleepless nights, anxiety, insecurity, doubts, denials, lack of contact with the loved ones or even some broken relationships. This list can be extended by other limitations depending on the personal stories of success. Regardless the number or nature of the limitations, they are always determined by the same reason, namely the sacrifices made to reach the success are dictated by the set of values, worldviews and examples that surrounded this person’s childhood. Despite everything, the success is achieved and the person is grateful for what they have. Yet, what is the next step? The price of the success is the enormous stress. Is there any strength left to move on and to continue with the same rhythm conquering new goals and proving yourself to the rest of the world? Maybe this person even knows what constrains them but does not see what needs to be done to get to a new level in their lives and career?


This example demonstrates that our beliefs, feelings and thoughts lead to certain behaviours. This process may be conscious or not. At the end, it brings us to those results we achieve in our lives. But this is not the end of the road. With the help of special techniques and mindset training we can get to a new level, subsequently, creating new perspectives, which will be built on self-confidence, acceptance of our strengths and abilities.


If you want to understand your own constraining beliefs, you can go through the following exercises.


During the day, try to notice your daily convictions. It can be something, like “I can’t wake up early in the morning,” “I am stressed,” “I don’t have time for myself or to do sports,” “I don’t know what to do first,” etc. Write down everything you manage to understand about yourself.


Alternatively, you can focus on one of the goals you haven’t been able to reach yet. Imagine that you have to reach it right now and write down all the reasons that prevent you from achieving it. For example, “I want to get to the next level in my career, but…” Note all the “but’s” you can think about beginning with economic constraints and finishing with the lack of time and skills.


The lists you’ll make up in both cases are the beliefs that often prevents us from reaching the desirable outcomes. This can be overcome by building up new scenarios of thinking. We can deal with our constraining beliefs by simply being aware of them. Sometimes this helps to make a move forward. Yet, when we face deep-seated constraints, we’ll better seek some external help. You may choose between hypnosis, work with a coach or psychologist in order to get rid of such beliefs. Those are diverse means and take various among of time to bring desirable results.


In my own practice, I rely on the personally developed original training method that helps to tackle constraining beliefs in а short period of time. If you consider working with me or getting to know more about my method, you can get in touch at  



“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players…”

(W. Shakespeare, As You Like It)


We believe that each and every one of us is not only a leading actor but first and foremost a writer of our own destiny. Overwhelmed by life events, we may unintentionally forget that we are the sole playwrights of our own lives. We may even unwittingly drop or lose the thread of our unfolding life story. Then, we start questioning ourselves and let others do the writing for us. Doesn’t this happen to all of us occasionally? The best thing we can do is to resume the leadership as soon as we can: only we should write the play of our life!   

With the renewed confidence and new skills, we design new perspectives. Coaching and training are the best instruments we use to achieve this goal.

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