What type of coaching to choose?

December 26, 2018





Modern workplace and business relations require constant learning of new skills, enhancement of the existing ones and training for the new opportunities. At times, it gets pretty stressful. In fact, it creates a reoccurring challenge if you try to tackle it all alone, every time, again and again.


Do you recognise the feeling? Your intentions are great: you want to become more efficient in what you do, more optimistic about your future, more positive in your contacts and negotiations. But where do you begin? There are so many things you want to improve (and, surely, you can!) but the structuring of priorities takes so much time and energy! And then, this persistent feeling of uncertainty: Am I doing the right thing? Am I missing a point?


Indeed, you may spend a lot of time trying to find the right starting point. You will succeed, eventually. But it may take quite some time before you reach the desirable results. There is another option, however. You can rely on the expertise of an experienced coach. Such a coach has a thorough knowledge, based on which she or her can help you to find an appropriate starting point and will lead you through all the stages towards the desirable goal. The achieved results will not only cover the cost of your investment into coaching but will also save your time and energy.


Coaching is all about helping you to succeed and to grow and to keep succeeding and growing in the future without losing your precious time. It also helps you to adapt to the ever-changing modern environment.


Coaching offers a skilled professional help in identifying your own strengths and growth needs, broadening your vision and ambitions, building relationships and creating new networks. Once you’ve gone through the entire process with your coach, you can continue applying your newly gained knowledge and skills to any situation and even share your accomplishments with others.



What type of coaching to choose?


You can choose among life coaching, career coaching, business coaching and executive coaching. Different types of coaching can use different approaches and techniques. Their main difference, however, is in the spheres of application. Even than, the clear-cut type of coaching is seldom applied. Ideally, any type of the coaching is tailored to the client’s needs. If a client chooses, for example, business coaching, their life-style can be taken into consideration by the coach. The opposite is also true: if a client chooses life coaching, their professional self-fulfilment and satisfaction can also be assessed.


All types of coaching can be attractive depending on clients’ preferences and needs. Coaching defines client’s goal and values and builds up future skills. Any coaching challenges client’s comfort zone. In its essence, coaching focuses on the understanding of the status quo and the creation of the future.




Life coaching


In this type of coaching, the focus is on the life of a client. It is approached in all its diversity: personal and professional life, physical and emotional well-being. Periodically, we all face particular problems and experience certain limitations. What is important is to confront them. The longer we put them aside, the bigger they grow. What began as an insignificant tension may lead to life and work dissatisfaction, inability to regain life balance, problems in interpersonal relations and endless search for something else. Tackling the multitude of such situations is the core of life coaching.


Anybody can benefit from life coaching. It may be a good starting point for someone who feels they need a change or better understanding of themselves. To make it easier for you, we offer life coaching as our online course. By following this link you can explore the information on the course.



Career coaching


This type of coaching can be useful for those, who seek employment, consider career change or want to get back on the career ladder after a break. The goal of career coaching is to help with the choice of the right direction, prepare job interview, put together personal portfolio and assist in job search. This type of coaching can help to get the job, but not necessarily to keep it. Have you heard a saying: you get hired for hard skills and get fired for soft-skills? Not to lose the job you might need to invest in yourself and to work with a life, career or an executive coach.



Business coaching


Business-coach helps clients to deal with professional problems. Business-coach can work with a manager or with an entire team. By helping a manager or a team to improve effectiveness and efficiency, indirectly such coaching improves the entire business. Business coaching is an excellent addition to any training or consulting. It takes into account client’s mindset. Without it, training or consulting won’t achieve desirable results. Any change, even a sought-after one, is a stressful challenge. That’s why it is so important to understand your own mindset.


Coaching that begins as business coaching can smoothly change into life coaching. This is normal, because regardless how much we may want it, we are often unable to separate our professional lives from our private lives. Frequently, we lack work spirit and enthusiasm when we experience difficulties at home or close to our heart.



Executive coaching


Executive coaching is a combination of life- and business-coaching, which is conducted individually. It is a coaching for the executives: for those who have just got appointed to their first top position and for those who have got used to be at the top of decision-making.


Top leaders are often lonely in their work. They are expected to deliver results and to provide correct answers to all the questions. Yet, they don’t dare sharing their worries or discussing their difficulties with others. They are concerned that it might be perceived as a weakness or vulnerability.


But everybody is human and, thus, may have their doubts, top management including. Is this it? Have I reached my full potential? Why having my dream-job I don’t feel happy or self-fulfilled? Have I made right choices in life? Those are legitimate questions, which need to be addressed if you don’t want to get stuck in the cycle of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.


Please, don’t forget that external resources seeking, healthy self-criticism and assessment of personal shortcomings are the qualities of a strong leader. With the help of experienced coach, you are able to rediscover a proper balance, learn advanced conflict-resolution skills, assess your priorities and better lead your employees.



Gross Leadership offers you a top-niche coaching for the executives. Our approach to the clients is based on our personal in-depth experience in business environment. With us, you find a coach who is tuned into your needs and offers expertise tailored to meet your personal expectations. We are there to discuss with you any business related and private questions in full confidentiality.


If you are interested in coaching sessions, you can send us a message or give us a call. First of all, we will discuss the goals and milestones. Only then you will get an offer and will have a clear idea about the outcome of the coaching.


If you are not sure about your own expectations, we can work on it together, during the introductory session. An introductory session is free of charge.


We will discuss your desire to cooperate and your readiness for changes and personal growth. After that we compose the planning and begin the work. At the end of the each coaching module we assess the results and you see your improvements session after session. Coaching lasts on average 10-12 hours.





“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players…”

(W. Shakespeare, As You Like It)


We believe that each and every one of us is not only a leading actor but first and foremost a writer of our own destiny. Overwhelmed by life events, we may unintentionally forget that we are the sole playwrights of our own lives. We may even unwittingly drop or lose the thread of our unfolding life story. Then, we start questioning ourselves and let others do the writing for us. Doesn’t this happen to all of us occasionally? The best thing we can do is to resume the leadership as soon as we can: only we should write the play of our life!   


With the renewed confidence and new skills, we design new perspectives. Coaching and training are the best instruments we use to achieve this goal.





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