Have you been a good “boy” or “girl” this year?

December 12, 2018



Only a few days are left until the New Year's Day. It is a due time to sum up the results of the year. I hope all of you have achieved your goals. If everything has worked out the way you wanted, maybe you should start thinking about some new goals, more ambitious this time. And if something has not work out - let’s simply continue work a little bit smarter.
I would like to share with you the SMART goals. I am sure you’ll love this approach! It will make achievements of your goals easier and more enjoyable. Just follow these guidelines:
Specific. Each goal must be specific. Be specific about your expectations; your resources and your partners. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for you to achieve what you want. One goal = one result. If you plan to achieve multiple results, simply split your goal into a few smaller ones.
Measurable. The goal must be measurable. Define specific criteria to measure the progress. When can you say that the goal is achieved? What is the indicator of it?
Achievable or Attainable. It’s good to have ambitious goals, but they must be achievable. If the goal is unattainable - the probability of its achieving will approach zero. Consider your resources and experience, but also have a look in the life hack section below.
Relevant. The relevance of the goal for you personally or for the company you work in will help to determine your motivation for its achievement. You need to have clear understanding of how the achievement of this particular goal will affect the entire trajectory.
Time bound. When we talk about the annual goals, they are automatically time-framed. Nevertheless, it might be helpful to set up a number of specific deadlines in order to avoid potential delays.

Obviously, I have a few useful life hacks for you:
Before setting the goals, I recommend to reflect on your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are your ideas about your own strengths and abilities and your impressions about the surrounding world. They are based on your own experience and, as a result, are highly subjective. By maintaining these beliefs, you artificially constrain yourself when you set new goals. If you set up a goal and you are motivated but fail to achieve an expected result, you may be dealing with internal blockages. They need to be found and fixed.



If you are interested to know how self-aware you are, this quiz can help you to identify your level of self-awareness and to make the right decisions as to your next steps.


While planning, try to imagine that you have already achieved your goal: got a promotion, bought a house or launched a successful business project. The sensation you experience will help to create a proper mindset. Just don’t forget to achieve your goals! Planning – feeling – taking action – achieving.

Not only personal plans are made at this time of the year, but also the plans for the entire companies. Any organization is keen to have efficient and helpful employee. In their turn, an employee wants to be confident in their future, to know that they won’t be fired, to sleep soundly and without nightmares. What can address all these needs? A timely training. It is the high time to plan it for the next year.
Many companies offer corporate training. The second option is to follow a training course outside the company at your own expense. Identify the areas that you would like to improve and choose a course.
There is a third option, however, that a lot of people forget about. It is a training paid by the company. If you have found a course that will help you to become a more efficient employee, talk to your supervisor or HR manager. In this case, both sides will benefit: the employer will get a better qualified and motivated employee, and you will be able to go on training, which you could not have afforded otherwise.
If you make decisions about training courses for your company, think about updating some programmes. Familiar tracks can be safe, but new impulses can open up new opportunities. Choose a new coach; add additional courses. It will light up a new spark; increase the productivity of the training and the loyalty of your employees.
For my part, I am ready to offer you corporate trainings. And if you want to start right now - you can still join my new online course.
Set big goals, believe in success and move ahead!

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