July 3, 2017



Having gone through two major life changes myself, I wanted to guide others to do the same.


Today, I work with ambitious and determined executives around the world who are ready to change their lives but feel frustrated, stuck, unclear, overwhelm or confused. They realize there are not living up to their full potential, looking for a change and a new direction in life.


I help them create clarity, improve their communication style, relationships and confidence in a short period of time. My clients discover how to express their feelings and emotions with their family, friends, and colleagues in a healthy way.


Using scientific studies how our brain works, personal transformation and inordinate results of my client's, I've developed a 7 step process that allows you to feel more joyful, relieved, fulfilled and ready to take the next step towards reaching your goals and creating a life of your dreams. 



Here they are:



1. Be aware


Recognize emotions that hold you back. What are they? What do you feel in a challenging, and demanding situation? Do you feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated or you can manage your state to stay calm and deal with a situation?


Do you have negative feelings that you are fighting with and that you are not addressing? Do you know that if you block your negative feelings you also block your positive feelings? Are you angry or sabotaging yourself? Are you blissful or feeling compassionate?


Embrace your emotions in their full depth so you can move forward.



2. Master yourself


Once you know that you are blocking your feelings, you need to learn how to turn your negative emotions into positive ones. Most of us have learned how to protect ourselves when something harsh or sad happens to us. On the one hand, we think our protective wall keeps us safe. On the other hand, we keep ourselves blocked from being fully connected to others and ourselves.


Hesitation to make a change is normal. Now when you know you are behind a protective wall, you have to learn how to move forward to express your feelings and create better relationships in life.



3. Activate your intrinsic motivation


We are all looking for more joy, happiness, money, and passion in life. But are we motivated to make the necessary changes to bring these into our lives? Have you ever dreamed about having a more balanced life or more love in your life? What did you do to come closer to your goals? Are you motivated to make changes now? Are you feeling frustrated about where you are now and scared about the future, aren't you?


You need to find a way out of your frustration and not only believe that you deserve a better life but also take actions that will bring you towards your dreams. 



4. Develop your empathy


How empathic are you with yourself? How empathic are you with others? Some people are selfish and only focused on what they need. Other people are too focused on what others need. Both sides are not synchronized in a way where they are getting all their needs fulfilled. Do you know how to correlate your desires with the desires of other people while listening and communicating with them? You need to know your needs and be empathic to the needs of others so everyone needs will be met.



5. Develop your social skills


We are all social beings. We need each other to grow, create and succeed in life. There are a lot of communication programs teaching how to communicate with others. But the most important is the communication with yourself, so you know how to discover what you want and how to reach your dreams. This skill is not usually taught in schools and our responsibility as adults is to learn how to gain clarity, self-communication, self-compassion and self-love.



6. Create your purpose


Are you deliberately looking for the purpose of your life? I remember I was trying to do so until I realized that I’m the only one creating my life. You can create the purpose of your life by yourself. First, you need to align your subconscious mind with your conscious mind. You can create your own meaning and start rewriting your story once you will learn how your mind works.



7. Create a bigger and brighter vision  


It’s essential to have a realistic and exciting vision of what life you want to have. To get there, you need to go through steps 1 – 6. You need to clean up your past, get a balance between being empathic with yourself and others, improve your social skills and communication with yourself, define what you want, and map out what it would feel like to have it.


Following these steps, you will strengthen your self-confidence and resilience in life and empower yourself. You will feel great if you know how to create better relationship with yourself and others, enhance your career and stretch your vision about your life, won't you?


The benefit and value of understanding the emotions and knowing how to make them work for you are priceless. I have changed so much my career and life and helped hundreds of my clients to succeed in life since I have implemented these principles.


I am using proven over the years practical tools and techniques that will allow you to create a positive long-lasting change within a short period of time. 


Changing your life doesn't have to take years. Together, we can create the clarity you need within hours. 


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