Lack of clarity & hesitation to make changes

February 24, 2017

Now you begin to realize that your old stories and behavior patterns aren't working for you anymore.


Perhaps you are no longer feeling a fulfillment at work or in a relationship.


The key question I have for you today is – Do you start to notice that something has to be changed?


Our growth happens when we are changing. However, just talking about the change will never bring us to our real goals and dreams, but taking the action steps will do.


If you know that you are not living up to your full potential and looking for a change and new direction in life, I’d like to talk to you.


My name is Anna Gross and I’m a life trainer for executives who are ready to change their lives. I work with professionals around the world who feel frustrated, stuck, unclear, overwhelmed or confused and I help them create clarity, improve their communication styles, relationships and confidence in a short period of time.


The first step in making changes in life is recognizing that there are emotions that are holding you back. These are negative feelings you are fighting with and that you are probably not addressing.


And if you are blocking negative feelings you are also blocking yourself to fully embrace your positive feelings.


Are you angry or sabotaging yourself? Are you blissful or feeling compassionate?


Embrace your emotions in their full depth so you can move forward.


I use emotional intelligence to help my clients move out of a dull state of mind into a happier place in my 1:1 work and group programs. I can do the same thing for you in a short period of time.


Learning how to master your emotional intelligence helps you to discover your creativity, rational and critical thinking, have more joy and inner peace, reduce your stress, find a sense of purpose and map out the action plan allowing you to move towards what you want.


Do you know how to manage your negative emotions? Once you know that you are blocking your feelings, you need to learn how to turn your negative emotions into positive qualities. You can read all the books about self-improvement and be stuck until you will implement the emotional intelligence and take an action with it.


You can create change in your life. I experienced this by myself. I was able to move through an emotionally painful period and discovered how to turn my negative emotions into positive ones. From being stuck I was able to go forward a brighter and more successful future.


If you are reading this text, you probably do not reach your full potential. You are in a pain point of your life. You could be lacking clarity, inspiration and direction. Perhaps you’re out of alignment and now you need help expressing yourself again. The first step is to reach out your full potential.


In the next article I'll share with you what fears come along with changes and what I did to move through my own fear.


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