Are You Dare to Live Up to Your Full Potential?

April 18, 2017



On a scale of 0 – 10, how would you rate your overall happiness?


In my experience, clients come to work with me at 8 and don’t even believe that 10 is possible.


They learned how to compromise and how life should be. But they have forgotten their own values and how to fulfill them. They could be stressed or tired of having to meet all these new compliance regulations with their jobs. They are under high pressure to look a certain way and they let their career determine their own personal happiness.


I had a leading role in the corporate world where I was a tax consultant. After many years, I realized I was unfulfilled despite having every possible luxury I could want, a great family, personal life, and education. I made the investment in myself and got my own clarity and fulfillment in life. And now I train others how to live up to their full potential in life. My clients' transitions are from feeling stuck to living up to their full potential.


Can you allow yourself to have a fulfilled life?


In the last article, I shared with you the importance of developing self-compassion so you can be a better leader. Once we help ourselves, we get a clearer vision for our own life.


What are your personal goals? Have you identified your personal goals yet?

I’ve worked with dozens of executives around the world who have bold goals for themselves as professionals. But their goals have been given to them based on the agenda of the organization they work for – not based on their own personal values.   


They are so busy with their careers that they haven’t had a second to stop to think if they are reaching their full potential or having a balance in life. And then, at some point, they realize they are stuck and can’t identify why. So they work more to hide the emptiness they feel, which makes it worse.


You might be feeling this right now.


My clients are stuck because they are out of alignment. They haven't identified what would truly make them happy and fulfilled as individuals.


This feeling has a negative impact on their health, career, and relationships.


Do you feel out of alignment and close to burnout?


If so, can you recognize that you are on a dangerous path to destruction, depression, and pain? If you don’t take action to change your life, you might end up investing more money and time in burnout recover therapy, medication, or doctor bills.


We all know those stories of colleagues or competitors who were overstressed and anxious and lost their job or worse because they didn’t make a change soon enough.


I want you to experience life with clarity, joy, vision, and happiness rather than emptiness and stress.


If you don’t want that for yourself, nobody can and will give it to you. It’s crucial that you take action to re-establish the connection to yourself so you can gain more confidence, balance, and fulfillment in life.

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