Have you ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and did not know what to do? I have.
I overcame it and moved from the place of self-destruction, sabotage, and frustration towards knowing what I want, building a clear vision and an action plan enabling me to have a better, happier and even more successful life.
I developed my skills in 7 essential areas of my life to create the results I wanted: a happier and more fulfilled and successful life.
I know how you are feeling. You have a great education and a good life. You are in senior management or a business owner with everything you’ve ever imagined at your disposal. And for some reason, you feel like you’re missing something. But you can't identify what is it but you don’t feel fulfilled. Is it a lack of confidence or something else? Does it affect your performance and do you procrastinate? Trust me, I get it.
I remember fighting with myself, and not willing to accept that I needed help. I was simply afraid to expose myself to a stranger for help. And I didn't think my friends would understand what I was going through. I was afraid my friends would see me as a weak and vulnerable person.
I wanted to change my life but I felt such resistance doing so. Even though I felt frustrated, I doubted anyone who could help me. So I delayed my decision to take an action, that in the long run would improve my life.
I had a lot of concerns about hiring my own coach: will it work, will the coach mess up? What will happen to my money? Will my investment pay off? Is this person a stranger? Can I trust her? I was a busy professional and managed my projects. I didn't have a lot of time to invest in my own happiness.
Eventually, I realized I wasn't living in alignment with my own life. I was successful outside and empty inside.
I wanted to have a stronger faith in my own happiness.
Many times I was trying to control the process and wanted to know what the outcome I would get before I even started doing the exercise. I was skeptical but realized that the only one reason I was feeling stuck and could not move forward: I lost the trust in myself.
I had to learn to take responsibility for my own happiness and trust that the result depends on my own commitment and I can create a happier life. I had to get used to the idea that it was ok to have someone next to me helping me to get out of the place where I was feeling stuck towards reaching my goals and potential.
I committed emotionally and took responsibility for my own happiness and once I did this I was able to skyrocket my development and confidence and create a positive transformation with a help of my coach.
I’d love to share with you my 7 Step Formula to Moving Out of Feeling Stuck to Feeling Fulfilled.
Don't you want to be fulfilled?
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