EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: The Secret Formula of Frustration Including Its 10 Benefits

August 29, 2016



He was feeling miserable. Life did not seem to benefit him, but rather would crucify his talent. He felt locked inside the prison of circumstances and could not see any way out. He felt that his talent was not recognized. He did not have a way to go any further on the corporate ladder and he was terrified that his family would discover how he felt and would judge him.

In our society, we learn that feeling or being frustrated is something negative and tend to view people expressing that as someone whom we can pity. 

These are the three key elements of the secret formula of frustration:


1. Life (or my environment) sucks


2. I am miserable


3. I can't do anything about that 


Inspired by stories of positive transformation of my clients and my own experiences, I'd like to give some light into the positivity of the mystified and today’s shamelessly avoided negative emotions. 

What if we have not yet recognized the benefit and don't just see the source of power of this mental state? 


Here are 10 benefits of frustrations:

1. Time for yourself


2. Opportunity to understand your needs


3. Opportunity to review your negative beliefs


4. Opportunity to unleash the power of your buried emotions and tap into your creativity, fulfillment and growth


5. Opportunity to show gratitude towards life


6. Opportunity to show compassion towards yourself


7. Opportunity to unleash your self-love


8. Opportunity to improve relationships towards others


9. Opportunity to take back your power and revert from the victim towards I am responsible mentality


10. Opportunity to learn something new i.e. new skills allowing you to create a life full of power, love and joy.


Who or what is running your life? Are you playing a role that was written by someone or creating your own life? 


There is nothing bad about being frustrated. You just might haven't recognized a chance to learn something great about yourself.


I am helping clients to turn negatives into a source of self-discovery, power and a new vision in life, in fun and results-oriented ways. Why? Because I've undergone a deep transformational process myself and was able to discover my positive qualities and talents hidden behind my negative emotions. I now help other ambitious people to experience the same.  


If you could recognize that the formula of frustration lies in you and want to change it in a gentle way and in a short period of time, I invite you to contact me or book your breakthrough coaching session with me right now. 





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