• Anna Gross

Top 5 Crisis-Response Steps for Entrepreneurs

A crisis is a time of opportunities. The deeper the crisis, the bigger the opportunities.

This crisis may be the largest we’ve seen during our lifetimes. Some experts expect it to be worse than the Great Depression as many industries are knocked-down by the pandemic which may last two years or longer.

Indeed, even if the governments lift the “stay at home” restrictions, the self-preservation instinct would continue to keep people away from cruise ships, airports, restaurants, theaters and stadiums until the virus goes away.

Viruses do go away, but it takes a rather long time. The Spanish Flu was killing millions of people for three years, from January of 1918 to December of 1920. We all hope that the vaccine or effective treatment of COVID-19 will be developed soon, but medical experts say it may take two years or longer. Then it’d have to be produced and distributed worldwide, and we’ve all seen that even such basic items as face masks or hand sanitizer remain in shortage long after the pandemic started.

So, with a crisis so scary, how can we talk about taking advantage of it?

Read the inspiring article by Alex Konanykhin further:

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