The Steps to Happiness

The talk spelled out various descriptions and parameters leading to attainment of happiness. The conclusion is that for every joy of giving, there is happiness in receiving. This kaleidoscope aspect gives it a meaningful vision to life. Managing Director and Founder-PKSBE. Sometimes you need just one person to put your whole life into perspective and give it some meaningful purpose. That one person at PKSBE is the Co-founder and Director Mr. Pratish R Nair. He brings his vision, passion and creativity to help students reach their ultimate potential. Terming him as a transformational coach would be to undermine his galaxy of creativity that streams from storytelling to movie direction to script writing to strategic activities for entrepreneurs and filmmakers. He's a creative powerhouse that has redefined the word 'Corporate Training'. He infuses wit, scientific knowledge and deep insight into all his programs to a style that is incredibly unique, almost like a biometric fingerprint. Learn more.

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