4 methods superstars use to protect their energy

If you are interested in multiplying your energy so you dominate your domain as well as raise the quality of your lifestyle name, you are going to love this fresh episode of The Mastery Sessions called 4 Methods Superstars Use To Protect Their Energy.

In this session you will learn:

1. The value of deep recovery and why professional athletes spend so much time sleeping.

2. Robin's Sharma new framework called The Trinity of Radiant Vitality, and how to leverage it to get much more done in a day than most people do in a month.

3. How to use his joy as a GPS model to not only amplify your productivity, but escalate your lifestyle so that you win in the most important areas of your life. Go ahead and watch this valuable episode and share it with a friend if you find it helpful.

Take the quiz to discover how self-aware are you. Do not think about the answers too long. At the end of the quiz, you will receive your results.

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