Case study: empowering a management team to lead, inspire AND SELL MORE

The owner of one of the largest law companies in Switzerland was concerned that while his employees were great executors they were not very good in sales and self-presentation.

Initially, this business owner was interested in self-reflection and assistance in finding his

blind spots in order to broaden his sphere of influence and further intensify the growth of

his business. He was so fascinated by the results that he extended the mandate to train

all the members of his management team.

Tailored program

Gross Leadership worked jointly with the business owner and the head of leadership and

development department, focusing on process optimization and aligning company’s,

team’s and individual‘s goals to boost productivity. This program combined a series of

two days workshops with individual coaching.

The workshops offered a self-management training, including techniques on how to

effectively set priorities, communicate needs, overcome procrastination and manage the

team with inspiration. It helped to improve the overall climate, engagement and

productivity of the team. Gross leadership also helped to develop and implement

strategies on how to prepare to clients meetings, boost likability, empathy and confidence

of employees and effectively sell their services.

Positive reception


After the program was implemented the business owner said: “I was able to change the

company's culture in a fascinating and inspiring way and I now see a major difference in

the overall team’s performance.” The implemented communication model has also

helped the company to win some old and challenging cases. One of the managing

lawyers has shared: “It’s fascinating, I was able to win the case that I was running for

years and it did not seem to take the end. It was just published in the media. I feel

inspired and know exactly how I can contribute to my own and team’s success”.

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