Case study: true collaboration and customer care 


A department head of the key sales department of a world-wide production company with

8 ́000 employees has been concerned with the overall climate within the department. In

particular, he worried about a potentially difficult relationship between the two of his

employees and the rest of the team. At the same time, replacement within the team

wasn’t practical or desirable. It was then decided to invest in the development of the

team’s leadership abilities.

Educating and building trust

Gross Leadership worked with the team to improve collaboration. We helped build trust

and increase mutual understanding of each member’s own character before reaching

explicit agreements on the team behaviour. This has positively improved the climate and

the understanding within the team.

We also worked individually with all team members. We ensured in particular that the two

employees, who initially caused concerns, received support and understanding from the

team as well as the tools on how to better cope with stress related situations. They

learned to deal with the high speed and high standards of working with demanding

customers. Likewise, they received training on how to better articulate their needs so that

the team and the head of department were able to offer the necessary support.

Constructive debate and raised effectiveness


After working with Gross Leadership, the team learned to place their collective goals

before those of their own areas of responsibility. They gained an understanding on how

to trust each other and to support each other whenever it was necessary. We helped the

team to design the practical steps that would enable them to move to the next level of

team building and cooperation. A year later the head of department acknowledged: “My

department became one of the best in terms of employees’ engagement, the team’s

satisfaction increased and the number of customer complaints decreased. I am so happy

we did this unconventional training.”

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