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Everyone has his or her insecurities and uncertainties, the higher one is on a career later, the more challenging it becomes to open up to a third person. 


  • If you are highly intelligent, confident, and successful

  • You have everything at your disposal, but you don´t feel fulfilled

  • If there is something that is challenging you or your team in the daily work and you want to find a solution, but don't know how to get there.  

  • If you want a better working atmosphere, more business for your company or get to the top level in your career.

  • If you consider coaching as an instrument that will enable you and your team to help you reach the wanted result and experience powerful break thoughts.

  • It might be the right time to invest in yourself and contact Anna in order to explore if you are a good fit.



  1. Confidentiality. 

  2. Module based training with immediate results after each level (5 levels of two hours each for individual clients).  

  3. Clients receive effective hands-on tools, enabling them to reach wanted results faster and remain autonomous after the training.

  4. Individual time planning based on your calendar. If you are in Zurich Anna will come to your office at time convenient for you or you can schedule a Skype training with Anna from anywhere in the world.  

  5. Anna's personal positive experience with an executive coach and trainer resulted in getting married again and changing her career path from a corporate career to an executive and emotional intelligence trainer. Clients' results proving the effectiveness of the method.

  6. Active cheerful method of coaching and training with the focus on results allowing you to stay curious and involved during the whole training.

  7. Personal meeting, Skype or phone conversation with Anna prior to signing up for the coaching experience. 


Discover more about Anna, Anna's Packages, her Online Courses, or make an appointment using Anna's Contact form.


During a complimentary Skype or in-person meeting, you will discover what is holding you back and experience one of Anna's practical tools. 


These are just a few examples of what results you can get out of coaching and training: 


  • Get clarity on what you want

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Reduce stress and overload

  • Learn to boost your charisma so that you can build better-lasting connections with everyone you encounter

  • Maintain a clear mind and focus on how to grow your business and revenue

  • Overcome fears of public speaking, cold calling, talking to potential partners or any other

  • Master the core traits of success and influence

  • Create a positive relationship with money and success

  • Attract your ideal clients and customers

  • Discover how to remove your fears that hold you back and feel the freedom to act upon your wildest dreams


"...I gained a lot of clarity and awareness of numerous business and private situations, which was stunning and amazing in itself. Anna guided me into the world of EQ with ease, joy and tremendous encouragement.

I can surely and truly recommend Anna's EQ training to anyone and I am delighted to be able to continue Anna's executive coaching."

Henning-G. Wind, a law company owner



"Dear Anna, thank you very much. The negotiation went very well, as we could make a very good deal. The lawyer of the counter party literally freaked out, as my calmness has highly influenced him. Every moment I was in control over the situation and myself. I have won the sympathy of three judges right from the beginning. All of this due to your coaching - I am surprised how far it has already brought me. With warm regards".


Private client, partner of a law company after four out of ten coaching sessions


“Visiting Anna’s training for Emotional Intelligence has opened for me new interesting tools for managing better important conversations, improved my ability for making decision and enormous boosted my self-motivation. The experience of group training with Anna is unique and cannot be experienced in any online classes. She is focused on results and creates a great fun atmosphere! Anna is unique network multiplicator. If you know Anna, you know half Zürich.”


Ilya Malikov, Key Account Manager at Just International AG

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