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Anna teaches emotional intelligence and leadership to young generation at elite schools. She is a guest lecturer at the Swiss International Boarding School “Institut auf dem Rosenberg” where she prepares the students to become great leaders of the future and live up to their full potential.


Her students learn techniques and tools that allow them to create a greater outcome in any situation, to better interact with others, to master the key traits of successful people, to develop a positive state of mind and to have a better quality of life.


A future company won’t be sustainable if its owners and executives don’t know how to lead and how to build up and maintain a highly productive and happy team, solve conflicts at workplace and take the right decision effectively at the right moment.


In order to take over a company, to start their own business, or get high executive positions, young people need to develop emotional intelligence, master sales, presentations, public speaking and leadership skills.


Anna’s training helps young leaders to activate their motivation so that they are able to go after their dream with determination and ambition. 

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