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How to create a positive and productive working environment? 
A company is only as strong as the people who work for it. Studies in neuroscience and management psychology suggest, contrary to popular belief, happiness drives productivity.
Did you know, an analysis conducted by Harvard Business Review concluded that happy employees were 31% more productive and generated 37% more revenue?
As a decision maker of a demanding and high pressured environment, you’re responsible for the financial results of your team and creating a productive environment on top of your own personal performance.
Employees who are under a constant demand to produce high results often times feel overwhelmed, stressed, aggressive and have a hard time staying motivated and focused on the company’s vision. Not to mention, they have a higher margin for mistakes. All of this creates an unhealthy work environment which lowers the employee satisfaction and employee retention rate.
Does this describe the team you manage today?
Would you like to increase your team’s overall success, better their communication skills and lower their stress level so everyone reaches the expected result?
Anna Gross is an executive and emotional intelligence trainer for executives and ambitious teams. She has learned the best mind and emotional enhancing techniques on the market today and uses emotional intelligence to help her clients get better results for themselves and their teams. Before she started her own training business she spent nearly a decade as a tax and business consultant for Fortune 500 companies and high net-worth individuals.
Today, she offers in-house training in communication, stress management and team building for leading companies in the productions, financial, legal, pharmaceutical and educational industries. Corporations book Anna to train their employees for a half-day, full day or two days to improve the working environment and results.
Anna's method to success involves practical techniques and tools that create a positive mental state and introduce new habits to produce better outcomes that last. She gives her clients what they need to reach their wanted results in a short period of time.
To book Anna for a group training at your business, leave a message in the contact section and you will be contacted by Anna or her team. 
Turn your vision into an action plan with Anna Gross.
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