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According to the existing scientific research emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining about 60% of success in all types of jobs. It was found that 90% of top performing employees are also high in emotional intelligence.
Your ability to restrain negative feelings such as anger, self-doubt, stress, anxiety and instead focus on positive ones such as confidence, empathy and congeniality are crucial for success. Research has shown that people with higher levels of emotional intelligence have more satisfying and successful careers and relationships. They are more interesting and attractive to others and have a higher self-esteem. 

In the keynote presentation "Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to Success" participants discover the key elements of emotional intelligence and gain practical tools and techniques to teach them how to double their happiness, disassociate from a negative situation, as well as handle and have more empathy in order to resolve conflict and better communicate with colleagues and clients.

Gross Leadership will customize her message for your audience, using the Emotional Intelligence message.


In order to take over a company, to start their own business, or get high executive positions, young people need to develop emotional intelligence, master sales, presentations, public speaking and leadership skills.

A future company won’t be sustainable if its owners and executives don’t know how to lead and how to build up and maintain a highly productive and happy team, solve conflicts at workplace and take the right decision effectively at the right moment.

Discover techniques and tools that allow them to create a greater outcome in any situation, to better interact with others, to master the key traits of successful people, to develop a positive state of mind and to have a better quality of life.
Gross Leadership’s training helps young leaders to activate their motivation so that they are able to go after their dream with determination and ambition. 


Discover more about Gross Leadership´s tools and method or make an appointment using Gross Leadership's Contact form.

During a complimentary Skype or in-person meeting you will discover what is holding you back and experience one of Gross Leadership's practical tools. 


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