Uncover the science of emotional intelligence that you can use to advance your career and life and to influence just about anyone to do just about anything...

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with Anna Gross



Anna knows emotions better than most of the people. As a life-changing trainer for executives, she uses emotional intelligence to help her clients move out of a dull state of mind into a happier place.


She knows how is living in a dull state feels like. Before she started her own training business she spent nearly a decade as a tax advisor and business development consultant for Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals.


She travelled extensively and could afford anything she wanted. Yet, she was feeling unhappy. She realized she had to change her life. On a scale of One to Ten, she was living at Five or Six, but she wanted to live at 10 all the times. She was craving for more passion, adventure, and personal connection. She knew there was a larger purpose for her and she wanted to find it.


Anna dived into personal development. Soon, she began transforming her dreams and aspirations into bigger personal possibilities. Today, Anna is happily married and runs her coaching and training company.


She has successfully completed major changes in her life and now she is ready to guide others to do the same.


Today, she works with ambitious and determined executives around the world. These people are dreaming about changing their lives but feel frustrated, stuck, uncertain, overwhelmed or confused. They realize they are not living up to their full potential and search for the ways out. She helps them unleash their full potential, create a change and find a new direction in the life.


Besides, Anna helps her clients create a sense of clarity, improve their communication styles, relationships and confidence; and to do this all in a short period of time. She consults her clients on how to express their feelings and emotions towards their family, friends and colleagues in a healthy way.


Her clients learn how to strengthen their self-confidence and stress-resistance and to empower themselves. They improve relationships with themselves and others, enhance their career and expand their life vision. They discover how to turn negative thoughts, fears, and experiences into a positive attitude toward the future.


Her clients trust her, feel connected with her, thanks to her personal and professional experiences similar to their owns, and welcome her help, which is offered as a group or individual training.


The benefit and value of developing emotional intelligence and understanding how to make it work for you is priceless. Anna has gained so much once she has incorporated emotional intelligence in her personal life and career. She has also helped her numerous clients to achieve similar results and to succeed in life.


With Anna’s training and expertise, you will experience changes in your mindset, mood, and attitude within a short period of time.






  • Nearly a decade of experience as a tax advisor and business developer for reputable Swiss and international brands (KPMG, WENGER PLATTNER, TAX EXPERT International)


  • Co-Author of the book “Real Estate and Business in Switzerland”


  • Co-Author of a "Startup Manual" (in the production)


  • Guest lecturer at the Swiss International Boarding School “Institut auf dem Rosenberg” and speaker at IFJ - institute of young entrepreneurs in Switzerland


  • Founder of the Premium Business Network project, www.premiumbusinessnetwork.com.


Education and Training 


  • Master of Arts in European Studies (magna cum laude), Master's Degree in Law (summa cum laude), Postgraduate Certification in Enterprise Management (summa cum laude)


  • The only female NLP trainer throughout both Switzerland and Russia to receive her education under the personal guidance of the father of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler


  • Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker


  • Passionate about yoga, cooking, and dance


  • Speaks Russian, German, and English



Honoured to be the only coach to receive an endorsement from businessman billionaire, Samih Sawiris


Are you committed to creating a positive change in your life? Need clarity on how to do it? Contact Anna to boost your growth. 

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